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                  China Re Asset, as one of the four insurance asset management companies first established and operated in China, was established on February 18, 2005. In recent years, in line with the market-oriented, professional and internationalized strategy of China Re Group, China Re Asset scored outstanding investment achievements through unremitting efforts and professional management, and preliminarily set up a sound, enterprising, open-minded and innovative team. China Re Asset actively pushed forward asset management innovation, made a breakthrough in product issuance, alternative investment and international business, steadily improved such middle and back offices as risk control and information system, and steadily improved its social position, brand image and reputation in the industry. It has become an important part of core competitive business of China Re Group.

                  At present, China's asset management industry is ushering in a “grand asset management” era featuring all-round opening and reform. In order to fully grasp the historical opportunities, China Re Asset will make every effort to promote the “second startup and strategic transformation” in line with China Re Group’s strategic development needs. China Re Asset will strengthen and improve traditional asset management business such as fixed income investment and equity investment, actively exploit innovative business, including new product issuance and investment, alternative investment and third party asset management, steadily push forward international business, strengthen forward-looking layout of new fields such as fund, financial leasing and trust, and build an integrated “grand asset management” platform with outstanding professional competence and brand image which geared to the market.

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