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                  We conduct insurance intermediary business, including insurance brokerage services, through Huatai Insurance Agency, of which China Re Group holds 52.5% equity interest, and its wholly-owned subsidiary Huatai Surveyors & Adjusters. Huatai Insurance Agency is the first insurance intermediary approved by the PRC insurance regulatory authority and established in the PRC.

                  Our insurance intermediary business mainly includes: providing clients with consulting services in relation to disaster and loss mitigation, risk assessment and risk management; designing insurance policies and handling insurance applications for policyholders; handling inspection and claims procedures for the insured or the beneficiary; making claims on behalf of the insured or the beneficiary; arranging inward and outward reinsurance in domestic and overseas markets; conducting inspection, claims and recovery process on behalf of overseas insurance companies and insurance associations. We receive commissions from insurance companies for our insurance intermediary services. During the Track Record Period, our income from insurance intermediary business was mainly derived from institutional clients. According to the Yearbook of China’s Insurance 2014, in terms of operating income, Huatai Insurance Agency had a market share of approximately 1.4% in the PRC insurance brokerage market. In 2012, 2013, 2014 and the first quarter of 2015, our income from insurance intermediary business were RMB126 million, RMB147 million, RMB155 million and RMB45 million, respectively.

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